Jennifer Pitt

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

by Jennifer Pitt

Not that I didn’t like the previous seasons, but I think I am really going to like Season 4.

It’s funny, my dad and I were talking about the show just before it came on, and he commented on the stupidity of them not growing their own food. I agreed, so when the episode opened with Rick tending the garden, it made me happy: if someone who doesn’t even watch the show notices something, then it probably needs addressing ASAP.

I am always confused when shows open their season a time period ahead of where they left off. I love it, but it confuses me for a few – kind of like when you wake up from a really realistic dream and can’t tell your dream from reality right away. You get the few minutes of awesome, then wait….what? I avoid spoilers like the plague – I have said it a million times: why ruin it??? They always show the best parts in the previews, and often ruin any questions or cliffhangers they have previously set up. So I get to enjoy my minutes of confusion and have the story unfold as it should: unknown to me.

So here are my quick thoughts, for good or ill.

Things We Now Know. People turn shortly after dying (we knew that from Shane – so thanks for dying, Shane!). They do not need to be bitten. Patrick died while spitting infected bloody water all over the shower water supply. Fill in those blanks….

Rick. Awesome. I heart how much has he opened up the jail, and himself, to others. He is telling Carl to stop being an adult, doing mundane things like gardening, sharing the load of decision-making(ish) with Herschel, and not disappointing us JUST when we think he’s falling into a naive trap (seriously….we all knew that Clara line was fishy). I have to say, though, that I watched Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, with guests Scott Gimple (TWD producer/writer) and actor Nathan Fillion (Castle), and apparently it was supposed to be obvious to all of us that Clara was feeding Eddie’s head, not an actual incapacitated human Eddie.

Darryl. What’s not to love?? Heart the sincerity, the almost openness, his obvious fondness for Carol, and his final acceptance of being the good guy. It’s a transformation in progress, but I love it so far.

Michonne. Yes, I know she was there for 8 seconds. It’s going to be a lot more, you watch. She is on the governor’s trail…it’s going to get huge.

Glenn. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a 13-year-old BMX biker with that ‘armour’ on? I like that he wears it, he seems to be the only sensible one in that area….but couldn’t we find some kevlar??

Predictions on Everyone Else. Carl is totally going to tell on Carol, but Rick will back it eventually. Rick and Michonne. Darryl and Carol. Beth will try to Darryl, but Carol will totally block that – as will everyone else. Since I couldn’t stop a room full of people and I couldn’t get out fast enough, I know that the jail becomes overrun after people get infected after showering with dead Patrick’s blood. So I predict they will be forced from the jail……maybe. I also predict they will win the fight and stay. What….I hedge my bets.

Things We Still Don’t Know (and no, they aren’t the ONLY things). How did Patrick get infected? What DID Darryl do before The Turn? (I totally bought undercover detective…)

I’m never surprised when TWD surprises me. I have loved every season, and I expect to love this one to; if it stops surprising me I will be surprised.

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