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Other than this blog, there are quite a few other places I write, or have written. Previously known as Mommies Drink, this blog was created to encompass all of the things in my life, not just parenting. Below are a few other places I write, and links to pieces I have written. I would love to hear your thoughts on anything I have written, please visit and comment!

DNM Magazine

This is my own blog. I love entertainment and pop culture, so this is where I get my geek on! 🙂

Life in Pleasantville

I am a regular contributor to Life In Pleasantville, where we say our piece and mean it. Link above is to the website, links below are directly to my pieces. Enjoy!

Blake Shelton, SMA 2017, and a Word About Equality
Sexual Harassment & The Imbalance of Power in Hollywood
Self-Care is More Important than Ever in 2017
Truth & Reconciliation on Canada’s 150th Anniversary
Why Wonder Woman is More than Just Another Superhero Movie
D.I.Don’t: A Small Rant About Penny Floors
Is it Possible to be Too Canadian? Take Our Handy Quiz, Eh?
“Trolls” Helped Me See What’s Important
American Girl: So Much More than a Doll
Goodbye 2016: It’s Not Us, It’s You
What The Gilmore Girls Mean to Me
The Crown is a Royal Event for Historical Fiction Fans
The Great Gilly Hopkins Nails It

Huffington Post Canada

Why Your Anti-Hillary Clinton Argument Is Invalid
Dear Bereaved Mama On Mother’s Day
Fashionista Barbie: Why Mattel Got It All Wrong

Urban Mommies

Win or Lose: Election Night Drinking Games
Moms—Keeping Handwriting Alive, One Letter at a Time #BICFFYW
Why We’re Not Leaving Even Though My Toddler Is Screaming
Best Father’s Day Gift: Tie, Socks…or a Drone?
It’s Not Me, It’s You: Surviving a BFF Breakup
Honk for Stress-Free City Parking, with the HonkMobile App
Dads are Not Babysitters
Under Pressure: Mothering in The Age of Perfection
6 Must-Watch Shows for Mom to Binge on After Bedtime
5 Things I’ve Learned from Raising a Girl

Yummy Mummy Club

Making Oral Health Routines Fun for Your Toddler

Guest Posts

I Feel Your Hand on My Shoulder: A Letter of Loss – Good Mother Project
The Imposter in My Chair – BluntMoms
9 Key Considerations When Merging Your Business And Your Blog – Beyond Your Blog

If I Had One More Day.. – Project Underblog
13 Lessons I learned from My Two-chebag – Sammiches & Psych Meds

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