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Supernatural – Season 9, Episode 2 – Devil May Care

I have a confession to make.

I was confused for much of this episode – I missed the scene last week when Sam was Sam and Ezekiel had assured Dean that Sam would be running the show and that he would lay low in the background. So until Ezekiel came forward and assured Dean that Sam was unconscious, I was really wondering if I had even watched last week or just dreamed it.

All Heil Queen Abaddon!

I like her. I am glad she is back. She’s the sarcastic bitch to Dean’s charismatic tough guy, and if she wasn’t a demon I may have found myself getting on board with them. She’s an awesome addition, and I look forward to watching her play out – but there is no way she’ll be taking the reins of Hell from Crowley.

Kudos to Jared Padalecki – it cannot be easy to make two characters, played by one person, so completely different with body language and tone of voice alone (yes, I know that’s why it’s called ‘acting’…just saying). I hope it lasts a while (I am pretty sure I will get comments on that); it’s well-written, superbly acted, and interesting. And possessing Sam serves a dual purpose for Ezekiel – hiding him from the other angels while he helps the Winchesters, thereby proving that he is worthy of being an angel. While Sam gets healed by Ezekiel, Dean also has an angel watching his back again. With Castiel having gone human, it’s hard to imagine the Winchesters getting out of as much as they do without help.

This is a short one…I find it difficult to dissect shows so close to the beginning of the season. So what I will be doing is commenting periodically on random episodes, and finishing off with some predictions. Feel free to chime in with your own – let’s see where we end up!

Kevin – now that he has been told he is family, and that all they have is each other, I think he’s going to become the new Bobby. Look how fast he set that Sargeant straight!

Ezekiel – if he can fix Sam, Dean will finally be able to trust someone, maybe kind of. I think he will also be able to help Castiel get his grace back.

Crowley – will ultimately get away, and retake his throne in hell. Maybe he will rule with Abaddon, though I don’t see those two egos sharing the table any time soon.

SamZekiel – will hopefully no longer confuse me. Will also hopefully stick around for a while, I like the idea of Sam being possessed by good for once.

Dean – will continue to protect his junk at all costs.

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