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This One’s For Me

This post is about giving myself permission to be me. I hope that, if you see yourself somewhere in here, you will hear what I am saying to us, and live/write/speak for yourself too.

Blogging isn’t easy. Trying to be a stand-out in a world of people striving for the same thing can take its toll. Luckily, I have somehow stumbled onto a group of really great writers who have not only offered sage advice but who have taken the time to help me and my little space get some notice. I may not be the most talented writer out there, but I am surely not the worst (I even know what the Oxford Comma is, and I am not afraid to use it!), and with each post I write the words come more easily than the last.

Every time I think about post ideas, I feel the pressure to be upbeat, informative, and offer useful advice. I do this to myself, because I have painted myself into a corner in thinking that I should only write to a certain audience. While yes, this is certainly true-we do need to write to a certain type of person, but that person could belong to several different types of audiences. For example, I have two blogs: DNM Magazine, on which I write about television, books, movies, etc (soon to be rebranded with a music industry friend *shameless plug inserted here*, so keep a look out!) and this one, which is a ‘mommy blog’ of sorts. In terms of audiences, the type of people reading DNM are not necessarily going to want to read my post about grief; it doesn’t belong there. Those same people may come here, looking for just that type of post-because this is where it belongs.

I strive to be honest in my writing, whether it makes people uncomfortable or not; I sometimes feel like I write a lot of negative, but unfortunately it’s when I am in my lows that I can be my clearest. I use a lot of my writing as a free-form therapy session, sometimes, because I often won’t know what it is that is compelling me to write until I have written it.

I realize some people will take this as a trite, self-aggrandizing post; as though I am ‘above all that’. I assure you that is not the case. I am a consumer of ‘all that’, and I enjoy reading all types of upbeat, funny, and happy blog posts when I can. This is about me giving myself permission to enjoy them, and permission to not write them if I don’t want to, and, conversely, to write them if I do! Essentially, I want to unpaint this corner I have put myself in and open up my world to whatever *I* want.

Even while writing this post, my inner voice is saying “people don’t care about this, no one is going to read this…why are you bothering?”

Well, Inner Voice, shut the fuck up. This one is for ME.

6 thoughts on “This One’s For Me

  1. I read the whole thing! (Because I enjoy your blog! ) Though I don’t write a blog, I have often contemplated it. I think/feel my parenting style, sarcasm and sense of humor maybe offensive to others. So, good for you for doing what you love and for always “keeping it real”! Don’t paint yourself in a corner….like ever. Spit out whatever you’re feeling. I relate to many of your posts. The good, the bad and the ugly happen in life. It’s nice to know other people (moms) are out there and going thru the same awesome bullshit we call parenting!
    Keep that inner bitch on a leash, but let her go once in awhile! <3

    1. Thanks, Taryn!!! And no….if you had a blog I would read the shit out of it because you are awesome!!!! If you ever feel like you want to rant, but not set up a whole forum for it, feel free to guest post! 😉 XO

  2. Your inner voice was wrong. I read it. And I care, hence my commenting. We all feel this way sometimes. You are not alone. It’s good to be open and honest to yourself first, and then others. Be you. I write what encourages me, so that it can encourage others. And every now and then it’s good to know you’re relatable. And you are. Great post!

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