Jennifer Pitt

The Walking Dead 4.9 – 4.13 – The Post-Hiatus Apocalypse


I love it. I really enjoy how TWD doesn’t feel like it needs to come off of a hiatus with a bang; it gives us a slow lead in, like it knows we need time to remember how we left off and wants to gently bring us back in. It also gives the broken-up season a serious cohesiveness that can be lacking after such a long break in between episodes.

Lets start with Michonne. I was sad to see that she had gone right back to where she started. She kills them all…why would she be walking with them anyway?? She finally got smart, and real, and followed the people she knows she needs. I was so happy to see her back with Rick and Carl, and equally as happy to see little Carl get the boot of reality in the ass that he sorely needed on the first episode.

I felt for Carl though, in 4.10. To walk into that kid’s bedroom, with guitars and video games and a big screen television – into the life that should have been his…sometimes it’s more than just a show, it makes me think about what that reality would be, and how drastically our lives would change; kind of makes me realize I don’t really need all the “stuff” I think I “need”.

Beth grew a chip on her shoulder, and maybe some balls! But still kept her compassion…I like that. I also like her and Daryl roughing it out together, so why would she leave him like that?? That is a hard one to swallow for me. I wanted to cry when Daryl laid in the casket and watched beth playing the piano….if ever I thought we would see him cry again I thought it was going to be then.

I knew Judith was alive!!!! Not even TWD would kill off a little baby….would they?? And thank gawd for Carol….if she hadn’t shown up when she did, Little Psycho would have done Judith in.

I have hope for Maggie and Glenn, especially after Sunday night’s episode, 4.13 – Alone. That Glenn saw the signs for Terminus means he will soon find Maggie’s message. Sasha was making me hope she would disappear, but I am glad that she joined Maggie, and Bob, again (anyone else not know until Sunday night that his name was Bob? I was just calling him The Drinker!).

I have always said that the things I love best about this show is its unpredictability. It’s the only show I have ever watched that killed off so many main characters and continued on, and it’s the only show that I couldn’t even remotely peg what would happen next.

What do you guys think so far??

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