My friend Hannah posted a video on Youtube today, and it hit me right where I needed it. She talked about how perfect we all expect ourselves to be as mothers, and that we all feel like failures when we aren’t.

Since she gave me all the tears at work, I asked her if we could start and work on this as a project together, and #MamaMovieMonday became more than just Hannah and me.

It became about finally getting over my ego and not letting myself be in pictures or videos. It became about realizing, for me, that there was no way I was ever going to reach the people I wanted to if I hid away from my imperfect. SO here it is: in all its glory, my first Youtube video ever.

I hope you will subscribe to my Youtube channel and not hold it’s lack of video know-how against me!

And please…if you are feeling like you are sitting over there being imperfect all by yourself, come join our imperfect conversations and watch our even more imperfect videos on our Facebook Page #MamaMovieMonday!


  1. Just a little encouragement that “terrible twos” and being a “threenager” are arbitrary — some kids magically stop behaving defiantly at 2.75 and never look back, and some don’t start until they’re 4, and some never go through any of that. I adored my daughters at 2 — super fun, relatively easy toddlers. Daughter #1’s hardest year was 4, and daughter #2 was a pistol through most of 3 until we wised up, went to some parenting counseling, and changed our own behavior. Neither came with a manual that told us to watch out at a certain age. Don’t believe the hype about age 3 or any age — it sounds like you really are trying to cue in to what your daughter needs from you, which is the best thing you can do. And also you can drink some wine and eat some chocolate! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Debi!! I really hope to make it through soon, honestly. I am seeking out better ways to connect with her, because what I am doing isn’t working. It’s hard to be consistent this way, so it’s chaos. When I hit on something that works, I wear it out until she is onto me! I need more tricks up my sleeve, and infinite amounts of patience, which I am working on. Until we get there, just keep swimming, right?!?! Thanks for watching, and thanks for the kind words <3

  3. Thanks for this video. I feel that way too, as I’m sure most mom’s and Dad’s too. It’s important to share and stick together, as you’re right and they don’t come with manuals!

  4. Way to go, Jennifer!! Good for you!! Great job!! Glad you are “getting over it”! May this just be the start of many videos to come! I’ve subscribed 🙂

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