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Where Will Ford Canada Take You?

Ford Canada

It’s taking us to the BConnected Conference in Ottawa on April 22, 2016!!

Ford Canada has supplied my friend Eclectic Soapbox and me with a sweet little ride to get our procrastinating blogger butts to the show on time, and we couldn’t be more excited to show it off and share our experience with you!

We will be documenting our journey on our social media accounts, and I will be doing my #FirstScope on Periscope on Friday morning!

Follow us and Ford Canada for all of our shenanigans on social media as we road trip our way to Ottawa!!

Twitter: Mommiesdrink,  Eclectic Soapbox, & Ford Canada

Instagram: MommiesdrinkEclecticSoapbox, & Ford Canada

Periscope: MommiesDrink

YouTube: MommiesDrink, & Eclectic Soapbox

Follow the hashtag #FordFiesta to find out what we’re up to, and we really hope you’ll join us on our journey!

7 thoughts on “Where Will Ford Canada Take You?

  1. I can’t wait to see all of your adventures to where Ford takes you while on your way to the BConnected Conference this weekend! I hope you have a great time on your road trip!

  2. wow that is a sweet ride! hubby and I are almost in need of another vehicle. I will have to check this one out because we love Ford

  3. That is a sweet ride! Hubby and I are actually due for a new ride. I will have to check this one out because we both love Ford

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