Jennifer Pitt

You Can Do This, America – #LoveTrumpsHate

Hi, America.

I can see you’re having an off morning. Is it an Election hangover? Maybe you woke up feeling like some of you made a pretty bad decision last night, and you can’t help but realize that that decision potentially has some pretty terrible and long-lasting ramifications.

I don’t know, I’m not you. I can only go by how your decision last night makes me feel, and how those long-lasting ramifications terrify the people around me and the people I love.

That includes you too, America. Even though right now I’m feeling a wee bit like you’re my crazy Aunt Susan whom I finally have to acknowledge is a serious danger to herself when she uses the stove, and we have to have The Talk, I love you too. I know some of you are terrified, too

Regardless of borders and dividing lines, we are all *people*; across countries and across the world, and we all deserve love; it may take some time for the respect part to come back around, but make no mistake: the rest of the world’s love is there and always will be.

I know today you’re probably not feeling like that is true, and perhaps many of you who didn’t make any bad decisions last night are feeling ashamed of the ones that did.

I am sorry this is happening and that you feel that shame; I also know that your kneejerk reaction will be anger and retaliation. I want you to think before you attack the people who made those bad decisions last night and realize that you are no better than them if you react that way.

The only thing that will keep us all afloat for the next four years is compassion, tolerance, and love. The only thing that drowns out hate is love. Your strong voice against what you know is wrong will drown out the racism and misogyny. Your standing for the rights of others (sadly, the bad decision-makers included) will combat the beating down of marginalized people.

You can do this, America. We have your back. Stay strong, spread the love, and don’t let hate win.

“With will and determination; and grace, too.” — Gord Downie


Jenn XO

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