What Summer Time Means to Me

Ah, the lazy days of summer: playing outside all day, going on adventures with friends, and taking extended family vacations to somewhere sandy… (insert record scratch here) Not for this working mom, and sadly, not for my daughter. What does summertime mean to me? It means trying to find time[…]

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My friend Hannah posted a video on Youtube today, and it hit me right where I needed it. She talked about how perfect we all expect ourselves to be as mothers, and that we all feel like failures when we aren’t. Since she gave me all the tears at work,[…]

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I am a Terrible Mother

My daughter is relatively well-behaved; relatively, because she is two. She has started hitting and making moves to bite lately, mostly when she is not getting her way or when she is over-tired. I have read #alltheadvice on how to rectify this, but it can be a wee bit difficult redirecting[…]

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