9 Key Considerations When Merging Your Business And Your Blog

You have a pretty successful personal blog, and now you have this amazing business idea. Do you combine them, or create a separate web presence for your business?

If you blog about pencils and your business is making pencils, it’s a marriage made in heaven. But if the connection between your blog and your business is not obvious, the decision to add your business idea to your blog is not so cut and dried.

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Engagement: Getting Your Blog Noticed

When I started my first blog, I didn’t promote it anywhere; I was too introverted to ask people to look at it, and too proud of it to really ask what people thought. I was passionate as all get out about it, but I was terrified of being seen as a page view whore by actually posting pieces with a request to view. And heaven forbid I actually tag someone who had an interest in a particular post or add meaningful hashtags!! Continue reading

You’re the Boss! What Kind Will You Be?

We have all had (at least) one on our way up the ladder: the horrible boss that no one likes or respects. It’s never just a matter of personality conflict, though that certainly is a by-product of bad management.

Bad managers are like a cancer in a business. They eat away at all the good employees until even the hardest, most conscientious worker cannot wait to abandon ship. When employees check out mentally, you can bet it is only a matter of time before they ship out physically.

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