Win Tickets to see Blue Man Group!!!

I never thought I was weird until I had a baby, then it became all “there is no baby poop on this shirt, I can totally get one more day out of it!”

When I really thought about it, of course I had some weird before birthing a human. but seriously, who doesn’t lick their potato chips before they eat them or like the smell of skunks?? Nobody, that’s who.

Anybizarre, if you know the Blue man Group you know they are 1,532 different kinds of strange, and we love them for it.

And because BLUNTmoms loves YOU, they want you to see them LIVE!



Click below to win a FAMILY PACK (4) of tickets to see the Blue Man Group at any of their North American shows!!

The tickets are valid from September 2015 to June 2016. Tickets can be used at any show on their North American tour (please read the Rules & Regulations for exclusions)!

Enter below for your chance to win!!!


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