What I Write

My posts usually run as opinion pieces, on relationships, parenting, lifestyle, pop culture; I will occasionally foray into politics, but that is a very polarizing arena that, on most days, I am not emotionally equipped to enter; at least, not on my blog. My Facebook page and profile? Anything is fair game. 😉

Through osmosis, I learned a great deal about business from my father, who founded, ran, and sold a few successful businesses in the telecommunications industry, and I am frequently asked my opinion on things blogging-business related. If I can turn the answer into a blog post, I will!

I am a regular contributor to several websites, and included in those contributions is all manner of sponsored content including branded narratives, product/media endorsements and/or reviews.

Branded Content (narratives, giveaways, product reviews):

I enjoy doing these types of posts about the brands and products that I care about. If I love something and it’s usefullness in my life as a working mom makes it worth it’s weight in gold, then I want to shout about it from the rooftops!