What Summer Time Means to Me

Ah, the lazy days of summer: playing outside all day, going on adventures with friends, and taking extended family vacations to somewhere sandy… (insert record scratch here) Not for this working mom, and sadly, not for my daughter. What does summertime mean to me? It means trying to find time[…]

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My Negatives = Positives…Somehow

I have always kind of snickered at the people who do the “Daily Gratitude” posts, because I (wrongfully) always associate them with religious people (not that there is anything wrong with religious people…or atheists…just sayin’). Turns out I will need to start snickering at myself now, because I am finding[…]

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Hello, Karma my old friend.

Dear Momwhotravelsallovertheplacewithlittlekids, I am sorry for all of the times, pre-motherhood, that I rolled my eyes at you and your screaming kid at the airport. I am wise now to the fact that no, actually, you can’t just make them shut up. It’s ok, though. You know that karma thing[…]

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