7 Reasons I will Learn Nothing at #BlissDomCA

I am heading off to BlissDom tomorrow, Canada’s best social media and blogging conference EVER. I am really excited to connect with all of the people I have met in online blogging communities, and I have registered for a blogging mastermind full day workshop that starts tomorrow.

I am really sad, though, that I am probably going to learn nothing from the whole conference, and here is why:

Live tweeting. There is nothing more exciting than looking around a room, spotting some of the people you have long admired from afar, and sharing their grainy pictures from what seems like an equal distance on Twitter. They are what I like to call Blogebrities. It’s cool, you can use it.

Fangirling. This goes hand-in-hand with blogebrity-spotting: when you spot one, you fangirl. I am going to try to rein it in, but I can’t promise I won’t try to play it cool with some “Whatevs, brah, I’m down.”.

Blogging about my blogging conference experience on my blog. Well, duh.

Being myself while not actually being myself. I am totally always myself, but there is sometimes a little (lot) awkward 11-year-old girl who has no idea what to say to you in response to “Hi, how are you?”. So, SELF, stop that.

Trying to listen while maintaining convos with my new bestie. It’s like college, really – because I paid for it I will totally screw myself out of any learning experience at all by getting to know all my new BFFs sitting within a 6 seat radius.

Pretending I know everything about #ALLTHETHINGS while secretly hoping you explain them to me. Just kidding, you will probably get so sick of me hoarding all your time during Q&A that you will finally agree to talk to me outside of it, just so I will leave you the hell alone (this can also be found under Blocked On Facebook and Twitter).

Wondering why I didn’t buy these fabulous clothes sooner. Feeling like a million bucks breeds confidence like bunnies at Easter. I am bringing out the big guns, ladies, so watch my whip, now watch me nae nae (I don’t even know what that means).

So there you have it. I paid a certain amount of money – shhhh, my hubby will probably read this – to join these awesome and inspiring people for a weekend of connecting, networking and learning, and I won’t get a thing from it, except the answer to every single question I ever wanted answered about blogging.

I hope to see you there!!! You won’t be able to miss me, I will be the one trying to dance.

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